About Us.

We create awesome digital solutions.

One third design, one third technology, one third creative.

Here at Deluminal we love everything to do with art, design and development. And like most artists we see patterns and symmetry from the world around us reflected in our work; we see market trends reflected in design and technological developments reflected in market trends. Every project we take on is slightly different and therefore requires a unique approach but the way we view design as a whole never differs.

We like to think of our pages as works of art made entirely from small dots working together to create a masterpiece. Creating awesome websites requires attention to detail but focussing on the smaller details can lead to the bigger picture being over looked. That’s why after we’ve joined the dots together we take a step back to look at the whole canvass and consider its place in the wider gallery.


[De] = design, digital
[luminal] = lumen, light, bright(ness)

I believe all of us need to be happy, to love and to be loved.
At the same time, we spend a lot of time at work. Enjoyment and fun - that's how work should be. No pressure.


Core values at Deluminal.

I created a digital agency having in mind the importance of personal life, strongly believe in fun and enjoyable working place.

Mirko Jokic,

Our process.

Discovery & Ideas.

We kick things off with a relaxed meeting or call to figure out what you want your website to do for you and what you like, love and loath in terms of design. Then we jam, we riff, we exchange ideas, we use words like who, what, where, why and most importantly: How?

Plan & Concept.

During this phase there is no such thing as a bad idea, literally anything goes. We look at what the competition are doing (or not doing). We throw ideas at mood boards, scribble on napkins, sketch wireframes; most importantly, we ask you what you think, so we know we are heading in the right direction.


By this point we should have a pretty good idea of where we are going with the project, so it’s time to turn conceptualism into pragmatism. Using research and client feedback as a starting point, we come up with a few homepage designs, then three revisions of the client’s favourite design. Once we have settled on a homepage we produce a mock-up; the mock-up then acts as a blueprint, informing the design of the interior pages. Sometimes we do a few small revisions here and there, just so we know we are on point.


So, we have all the parts of an awesome website laid out, now it’s time to start putting the nuts and bolts together. We think of development as a way of breathing life into the design. Its pages become its limbs, the code becomes its muscles, the database its heart.


Some developers, rush this phase, skipping straight to the big launch. We take the time to fail-test our sites to the brink of oblivion, to make sure your message is conveyed effectively on small, medium or giant screens.

The Launch.

Once we get the green light and open the site to the general-public we provide thirty days of free support to help your project to get off to a good start and give you peace of mind.

You’re going to love working with us.

Here’s why.

We take a simple, straight forward approach to helping brands. Every decision we make is based on strategic research. Research into your brand, competitors and target-audience. Every problem we encounter is solved with the knowledge and experience we gained solving past problems. Every solution we come up with is carried forward.

We love to expand our knowledge of design and development and are always on the lookout for the latest innovations in developments and design. We are constantly honing and refining our processes and have the agility as a team to adapt to new challenges. Quantifiable results shouldn’t come at the expense of creativity, results should happen because of creativity.

Time efficiency.

Solutions are only effective if they work within given time constraints. We deliver your project on time and on point for maximum efficiency.

Friendly people.

Good relationships come about through trust and mutual respect. We hope that in time you will come to think of us as a friendly, reliable extension of your team.


Email, phone, face to face, homing pigeon. We all have our preferred communication style, but we all agree on one thing: communication must be frequent and constructive.

Skills and experience.

To find out exactly what superpowers we have and how we have used them in the past, get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it.

Great to work with

these guys.

Kison P. - CEO and Founder

“It was great to work with these guys! We communicated very well through messages and the phone. Deluminal completed the html conversation task on time and provided quality code. I look forward to working with them again.”

Hello. Salute. Hola.

Fancy building something awesome with us?