Bootstrapping a Startup Website

When people hear about startups, they immediately think about new tech. Often they are on point. Before all that came to fruition, there was a time when a startup only had an MVP. At those times, validation of the idea was a life-altering experience for the startup. 

The best thing about an MVP is that you can present it with a simple website. All it takes is a simple build and proper functionality to test the potential for your new business.

Now, read on to find out how to use this framework to your advantage. You can bootstrap it for any startup.

Validation Comes First 

The whole idea of an MVP is to build a minimum viable product. That means that you want to see whether or not people would use your product. For that, you want to spend the least amount of time and resources. Validate your idea, and then look for investors or financing. 

Likewise, you should spend the least amount of resources building a website for the MVP. Many startup founders make the mistake of overcomplicating this process. They have the wrong idea that they need to showcase a beautiful website in the first iteration.

Instead, you need a custom website that helps you to showcase your business idea. While a ready and paid theme has its allure, avoid it if you can.  Even if you go for a one-page website, it needs proper development. Then, try to bring in the visitors. 

See if they convert. If that is the case, then that is excellent. Your MVP got its first validation. Now you have proof that you should continue the development of the new business. Before any of that happens, you need an appropriate website for your MVP or move to bespoke software development.  

Website for MVP

Luckily for you, you can validate your MVP with a simple website. A website for your MVP should consist of the following:

  • Landing page
  • Elementary web functionalities 
  • Clear CTA 
  • A system to buy the service or order it

If you have almost no money to invest in a website, try a one-page website. Essentially, it is a website that has a single page or landing page. There, you can find all relevant information about your product and how to purchase it. Even that may work as a way to validate your MVP: 

The situation changes a bit if you need specific functionalities. That makes the website more expensive since it requires more coding. However, you are still considering whether you want to validate the idea. So, ensure that apps and features are few and that they help the user discover the MVP. 

Then, you want to have a clear CTA. That means that if the user lands, they want simple navigation. Often, you can do that with a big button. Finally, you need a system to process orders or allow users to use your MVP. 

Simple Build 

Now, maybe you still believe that you need a web development marvel for your MVP. That is a clear sign that you are overthinking things. Your MVP is the first step to decide to go into the business. 

Try to think about these issues from the perspective of costs. Building a website may take several thousand dollars, and maybe more than that. Avoid that when you think about production and tech development costs. 

The next thing you want to consider is the necessary time for website development. Maybe you have a ready MVP. If the development of a website lasts several months, you are losing valuable time. With faster website deployment, you can harness valuable data and validate your business idea. 

Instead, find proper hosting and develop a landing page. Work on validating your idea.  

Test the Website 

Another reason for a fast deployment is testing the website. Once your website is live, you need to see how the first iteration of the website performs. Maybe it needs a few tweeks to perform even better. 

Well, that insight may miss your analytics and sales team if your business lacks a website in the first place. So, be agile with website deployment. Track its performance over a month. See how that performs. Use analytics to determine what you can fix. 

Implement those fixes. Test the website again, then look at analytics and optimize. Even if it all fails, at least you know what to avoid when you launch the product again. 

Share the Idea 

Unfortunately, not all MVPs survive. But your may if you test it, iterate and launch again. 

So, bootstrap your website and show your MVP to the world. Who knows, maybe you do have a million-dollar idea. Or maybe you are an iteration away from it.

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