Why Should You Consider Ongoing Plans for WordPress

Paying for a web development service often comes with an additional question about paying for ongoing support plans, and most users rebuke that as an extra cost they don’t want to pay. That’s where you are wrong because an ongoing support plan is worth the money.

Without ongoing support, you lose flexibility on necessary changes. That leads to the reduction of website quality and user experience.

At this point, you may abandon this idea as our sales tactic. Before leaving the page, please give it a read and consider the following argument.

One-Time Service

Let’s go over the standard journey you take when building a website. Owners contact an agency, share the business details and wait for the website completion. You are left to use it for your business as you want, where the problem starts.

Buyers view the website as a one-time investment, which is one of the worst ways to think about it. They have this almost 90s view of a website as an online business card for your company.

That view takes the whole interactive element out of the user experience, and it takes out the idea of user experience, functions, and features available on the website.

Okay, when you hear the word features, you probably think we are selling something again. Let’s take a step back and talk about investing in websites.

Sometimes, business owners believe that websites have no real impact on their business performance. Yet, that’s the worst way to think of the website in the digital era.

Now that you are in a digital era, you need a website to bring the users a digital experience. The users want to click, view, pay online, consume content, and have an interactive experience. That’s the current state of the web.

It’s at this point of conversation when we have the complete attention of our clients. Convincing them to pay for ongoing support isn’t a simple task, and the worst thing about it is that it reduces the effect of the initial investment.

Ongoing Support

Again, most people see the website as a one-time investment, and that doesn’t take narrow eyebrows and tough looks when they open up analytics and see low performance for their digital investment.

In our experience, working with an owner with less knowledge and more enthusiasm brings results. And it gets more results than working with an owner with disdain for digital. The first person can make it work, and the second person sabotages the process from the start.

The thing about the first owner is that they get that a website is a tool you use to achieve your business goals. You have to use various marketing and business strategies to make it work.

Imagine that you have a webshop with 30 products in store. Your web developer fixes the whole shop as per agreement. Then, after six months, you want to add 20 products. You do so, but users can’t complete the purchase of new products.

From that point, you have two choices. You can fix the problem alone if you know how to do it, or you have to pay a developer to fix it.

But, if you had an ongoing support plan, you could send an email to your development agency and fix that. Or even better, they could add those products as a part of the support plan. Ongoing support plans can help you with:

  • Website maintenance

  • Technical optimization

  • SEO issues

  • PageSpeed optimization

  • Webshop maintenance

  • Responsive-design issues

These issues occur almost constantly and aren’t even prominent web development issues. Not handling them on time may cost you leads, sales, and a valuable asset for your business.

Should You Get It

So, should you get an ongoing plan for WordPress? Let’s be anticlimactic for a bit – The answer is maybe.

Again, we don’t need to sell you directly and bluntly like this. Our content and media goal is to show you what it looks like to work with us. Great, request a demo if you like that, and we are set.

However, some people don’t want to pay for it, and that’s fine. Before you make a decision, consider the following:

Ongoing support helps you with:

  • Managing your website

  • Updating your website

  • Technical optimization of the website

  • Following Google updates

  • Following best practices

If you have a webshop, ongoing support helps you with:

  • Store management

  • Product management

  • Shopping plans

Finally, the ongoing support helps you with:

  • Web design

  • Website development

  • User experience

And you have all these perks as long as you have ongoing WordPress support plans. It all comes to the quality of user experience you want to provide for the users.

Ongoing Plans

There you have it, that’s the whole argument. Finally, you are left to choose to get the plans or let them be.

If anything, ask your users for feedback on the web experience. That’s the best way to tell what you should fix in your business.

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