Custom Code: Custom Software Development and Custom Websites

You’ve probably heard about custom code, custom software development, and web applications. But for most non-coders, that’s too much tech jargon to absorb. You don’t have to know much about tech if you understand how tech solves your user’s problems.

Our clients are marketers and business owners. Their job is to respond to users’ needs, and it’s their job to come up with a solution for those needs.

It’s our job to build that idea as a custom-coded website.

Business Owners Look at Tech All Wrong

Have you ever tried to understand something you have no experience in by using complex jargon?

Well, that’s how 90% of our web dev clients try to understand what we do, and that’s the worst way to find out what we do and how we do it.

During interviews, we found out that our clients focus more on how we should build websites instead of thinking about what they should make.

They look at tech all wrong. Web technology is like tools and bricks for the store they want to build. They don’t pay to lay the bricks down. They pay for their vision of the store to come into existence.

Just like that, you have to think about what your users need. Have you ever thought about how to improve their web experience?

Here’s a Tip if You Want To Build a Powerhouse Website

Imagine that you have never heard about custom code, custom software, or custom-coded websites. Imagine that you don’t know a single thing about web technology.

Now, try to look at your online presence like you are your user. What’s their experience with your website? Do they have all the features and functions they need to use your website?

Looking at your website now, you see that there’s much room for improvement. You can give your users anything you imagine through a custom-coded website.

Custom code development uses web technology for a specific business purpose.

How to Make Custom Code Development Work For You

To make custom code work for you, you have to understand what your users need. Think about:

  • Features

  • Applications

  • Functions

Now, connect these elements with:

  • Business model

  • Online experience

  • User experience

When you combine all these elements, you get a business case for the custom code development. Then, you have to present it to us, and we can build it for you.

Build Custom Coded Websites

To build custom websites, contact us and schedule a call with us. We’ll review the whole process and find the best solution for your business.


What is Custom Code

Custom code is a piece of program or software designed for a specific business case. Imagine it in its end use as a feature on your website. Also, it may appear as a web application, custom software, or mobile app.

What is Custom Code Development

The goal of custom code development is to build a feature for the website to help your online business. It’s a tech solution for a specific business case, for example, adding a payment processor that supports various payment methods.

An example of a more complex custom software would be an e-commerce website with advanced search features, such as an online marketplace for boats.

The process of building these tech solutions is custom code development.

Which Tech Stack is Necessary for Custom Code Development

There’s no set tech stack for custom code development. Web developers may use necessary methodologies and programming languages depending on the project.

How to Approach Custom Code Development

The approach to custom code development is to imagine a website as a platform with all features you need for your online business. Bespoke code development is how you build such a platform.

What is the Cost of Custom Code Development

The cost of custom code development depends on the project. Usually, it takes at least a couple of thousand dollars to build a custom-coded website.

The Process of Custom Code Development

The process of custom code development has a discovery phase, interview phase, and development phase. The process serves to discover the project requirements, business case, and how to build it for the website.

How Long Does Custom Development Take

Custom code development takes at least a few months. For smaller projects, the bespoke code projects take about two months, but it may take over half a year in other cases.

When to Consider Custom Code Development

Consider custom code development when adding new features to the website, even more so when there’s an actual need from users for a specific feature.

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