Custom Coded Websites Or Presentation Websites

Building a website is easy, but building a business that serves your business is entirely different. That’s because when people talk about websites, they talk about the general online presentation of their business.

Websites could be much more than that. For example, they could be an actual asset for your business. Here’s how to make them work for you.

Presentation Websites

A presentation website is usually a WordPress website with up to 10 pages. The goal of this website is to present your business online.

Presentation websites are an excellent choice when you want to get online with a low investment. When you properly build them, you can use marketing strategies to aid the growth of your business.

However, that’s the limit of their capabilities. For anything else, you have to turn to a custom-coded website.

Advantages of Presentation Websites

The primary advantages of presentation websites are:

  • Easy to develop

  • Fast launch

  • Affordable

  • Easy to operate

  • Low maintenance

You could build a presentation website in less than a month. Their costs are much lower compared to custom websites.

Usually, presentation websites have a WordPress CMS. That CMS allows you to edit and add content without technical expertise. Finally, presentation websites are low maintenance, so you can keep them up-to-date with a few clicks.

Finally, you can optimize these websites for SEO and use paid ads to drive traffic. And, you get all of that at a basic price.

Disadvantages of Presentation Websites

The primary disadvantage of presentation websites is their limited features. If you need anything more than the basic features, you won’t get it with this type of website.

Presentation websites work best for websites with the primary goal of educating users. Also, you could create a simple webshop, but that’s the limit of this type of website.

If you want to add anything more to your website, it’ll take a lot of time and effort. That’s because you’ll extensively code the website and remake it for the feature.

Overall, the biggest disadvantage of presentation websites is their lack of features and options to craft a next-level user experience.

Custom Coded Websites

Custom-coded websites are websites you create with a specific business purpose in mind. The goal of custom-coded websites is to provide the users with a feature or function relevant to the business.

Building custom websites requires a business idea that you bring online through technology. They are excellent choices when you want to help users get a better experience using your website and business.

But, building them can be pretty challenging, and they tend to be expensive and take a long time to develop.

Advantages of Custom Coded Websites

The primary advantages of custom-coded websites are:

  • Relevant business features

  • Scalable

  • Specific for your business

  • Custom

Once you build a custom-coded website, you make a complex platform for your business. The very concept of the website is to serve as a business asset.

That means that the website comes with all features your users need to buy on your website. But more than that, it means that your website offers all features necessary for users to do business online.

Once you verify and test the website, you can scale and modify it. Also, you can add or remove features until you get a perfect platform.

Disadvantages of Custom Coded Websites

The primary disadvantage of custom-coded websites are:

  • Long development time

  • Expensive

  • Require a business use

The primary problem with custom-coded websites is the high initial investment and long development time. However, you can bypass that if your business generates positive cash flow.

The real issue here is whether you understand how to make tech work for you. Paying for a custom-coded website means investing a lot of time and money in a website for a specific use.

If you fail to understand what your users need, you’ll need to pay even more to code it again and fix the website.

How to Choose Which Website to Build

The fastest way to determine what type of website you need is to look at your business model. If you rely on a website to do business, go with the custom-coded website. But, if you don’t need an online foundation for the business, go with a presentation website.

Also, you can always start with a presentation website and update from there. If you see a case for custom development, build a feature you need and test it.

Of course, going with the custom website options always pays off since it gives you an advantage from the start.


In the end, all businesses are unique. What may work for you may not for another business owner.

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