Ecommerce and WordPress – The Definitive Guide

E-commerce is one of the best ways to do business online, and WordPress helps you do exactly that and allows you to bring your business model online. While that sounds fine, most business owners don’t know what that means.

While many resources detail how to build an eCommerce business, it would help if you knew more about technicalities.

For example, it would serve you better if you knew the limits of E-Commerce and WordPress. Keep on reading to learn how you can build your E-commerce WordPress store!

Defining Ecommerce

Let’s start with the definition of E-commerce. And, let’s first define E-commerce as an online business that focuses on selling physical or digital products through online properties.

Take, for example, an E-commerce store that sells shoes. In reality, you can sell almost anything that comes to mind, and the only thing you have to cover is that you have a store or an operation to sell a product.

That’s the most superficial part about e-commerce that users fail to comprehend. WordPress is a technology, a means to an end, and you have to do more than build the store to make the business work.

Business Models

You have to build a store that supports a specific business model. Let’s retake the shoe store example.

The usual plan is to build a store, fill it with products and then try to sell them. It seems like a logical start for any store, but that’s where most new e-commerce businesses fail. It’s not enough to have products and stores, and you need a business model to support your store.

A business model mixes strategies, tactics, and logistics you use to establish the business and sell products. For example, a brick-and-mortar business may move its operations online to reach more customers and ship its products. Or, a company can expand by building a dropshipping operation.

WordPress fits into all this as a platform that helps you build such a system. So, it’s time to learn how to incorporate that system into an actual website.

Technical Aspects

It sounds ominous when you add the word technical to the mix. But don’t worry, it’s not like you have to learn to build websites in WordPress. Instead, let someone (like Deluminal, for example) create a website for you while you know what you can make with a WordPress website.

It would help to focus on products, sales enablement, shipping, store management, and store design. Mastering these aspects allows you to build any web store.

Often, the primary e-commerce platform for WordPress is WooCommerce. There’s a possibility of using Shopify or building a custom webshop.


Whichever platform you choose, you’ll get to customize the products and how you sell them. For example, you can upload the products and set prices for them. Then, after a while, you can organize a discount for specific groups of products.

Also, you can set additional actions and create packages of products to sell. And, you can go as far as to develop product recommendations for the users. Finally, make a wishlist for them and regularly engage them for maximal customer success.

Later, you can increase or decrease prices and popularize some products over others. Overall, you can do anything like you would do in an actual brick-and-mortar store.


Now, this is where things become exciting. You can engineer the whole sales process from your website. For example, think of coupons, personalized offers, and discounts.

Imagine that you create a discount for a specific product. Additionally, you send out an email to your list about the discount. Also, you allow new users to trade their email addresses for a coupon. Now you go to the store analytics and track who bought using the coupons and who bought from your email list.

Then, you create a personalized offer just for them. Send it out again and rinse and repeat. That’s the power of an online store.


Shipping is another matter that makes e-commerce such an excellent option. You can set the store to ship to a specific location and even connect that with particular shipping services.

It’s possible to set options for shipping on a global and local level. Check out available shippers and establish contact with them. Or, you can combine everything and allow total freedom for your users.

Consider that carefully since shipping is a massive part of the shopping experience. Compare prices and benefits and then connect that with a shipping service.


Finally, you customize the store’s look as much as you wish, and you can reinvent your store as much as you like until you have a winning formula. While sales operations are a valuable part of e-commerce, you can argue that design is even more critical.

After all, users have to be able to navigate the store and use it to their advantage. Please give them the option to drive the whole experience and let them purchase as they like. When you mix all these aspects, you build a fantastic e-commerce store.

The best thing of all is that you can use all of the mentioned as you want to build a shop you need for success. Technology is just a tool, and what matters is how you use it.

Sell Online

Now, take your store and bring it online. There’s no limit to what you can do with WordPress as you can read.

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