How to Improve Digital Marketing with Web Development

Web development is necessary to engineer user experience. At least, that is a valuable take to share with marketers as a web developer.  

In the era of constant content and Core Web Vitals update, marketing agencies need to make an extra effort for their clients. Aside from a marketing strategy, they need to build a platform to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts. 

Completing marketing operations through a web platform is something marketing agencies fail to utilize in their operations. But, that type of web development is detrimental to the success of your clients.

Web Development and Marketing Operations

Today, marketers have to deal with endless content, new trends, and changing Google updates. Competition comes in all shapes and forms, preventing marketers from achieving relevant KPIs. 

Marketers have to look beyond marketing core services and products and provide their clients with additional tools to beat their competition. Website is that advantage. 

Once you drive the traffic to the website, it is up to the website to close the sale. However, even the best marketing can’t help a poor user experience. Crafting the user experience to suit the needs of your target audience is a simple method to increase sales and grow your business. 

Website is more than the front-end you can see and links to click. Everything from website structure, design, and user interface, defines the user experience. Marketers should think about how to blend these aspects to satisfy the needs of a specific audience. 

Right there is the difference between marketing agencies that thrive through trends and seasons. Developing a digital experience is far easier when you have a web developer to consult during the planning process. 

Here at Deluminal, we prefer to build websites from scratch for marketing agencies. That way, marketing agencies approach us with their ideas and prospects. Also, we build custom code websites and bespoke software to help marketers. 

It is up to us to evaluate their idea from a web development perspective and tell them what works.

Thinking About Website From a Developer Perspective 

Marketing agencies have two primary tasks that consist of strategy development and execution. Web developers help you with support and guidance on how to apply and improve your marketing strategy. 

From our experience, it seems that you can distill marketing operations to the idea of creating a buyer’s journey for a specific audience. In that aspect, web development helps to articulate and optimize the journey. 

That is something that continues to work regardless of methodologies and trends. To sustain that approach, you need a stable, fast, and lean website. These aspects are the basis of excellent user experience or previously defined buyer’s journey. 

Stability is the most overlooked quality your website possesses. There is nothing worse than working with a website that crashes, displays errors, and fails to load elements.  

Next, you want to look at website speed. Page speed is one of the oldest ranking factors. Also, it is detrimental to the bounce rate since users leave pages that take more than a few seconds to load. 

Then, there is web design. For web developers, design is more than aesthetics. You have to think about navigation, site structure, and user interface. 

Most of the time, marketers have a website layout and a design idea. It is up to the developer to use available elements to develop a website. And, web developers already incorporate all the best practices for your website. 

Now, take a look at how web development helps you with specific marketing strategies. 

Web Development and SEO 

Web development is crucial for SEO. There are two key aspects of SEO, and these are content optimization and technical SEO. Of course, there is also link building, but that falls along the lines of content optimization. 

Writing and optimizing content is the essence of any SEO strategy. Yet, the way you structure the website and code helps you with keyword ranking. 

User experience is more important than ever, especially with Core Web Vitals update. Core Web Vitals measures user experience by measuring page loading performance, ease of interaction, and visual stability of the page. 

There are several metrics to follow such as LCP, CLS, FID, TTI, and TBT. Together these metrics show how fast content loads, in what form, and how easy it is to navigate for the user.   

The content layout, page speed, site structure, and navigation website elements developer builds. As a marketer, you focus on keywords, copy, and optimization. But, without a proper technical setup, your SEO strategy is bound to fail. 

Web Development and PPC 

Web development plays a significant role in PPC campaigns. Whether you prefer Google or social media advertising, you want to send the traffic to a relevant landing page. Also, landing page quality is a relevant factor for bidding auction and user experience as well. 

When you create a landing page, you focus on design and copy. There is an evergreen debate among copywriters about short-form and long-form copy, CTA placements, etc. However, to truly thrive with your PPC marketing, try to think from the user’s standpoint. 

Users want to skim through information, access key information, view the product or service, and purchase with ease. Ideally, your team has a developer to help you with landing page design and development. 

Also, web developers are necessary for testing. Aside from testing copy, you want to test CTA buttons, page layout, and page speed. Without a developer, testing the layout and speed is almost impossible. 

Thus, if you want to optimize your marketing efforts, it is necessary to have web developers around. 

Web Development and Optimization

So far, you have had a chance to read about ideal scenarios. These scenarios rely on the idea that you work on the website before the launch. 

But, marketing agencies rarely have that chance to encounter a business going digital at the point of their partnership. Instead, marketing agencies get low-quality websites to improve. 

Then, getting results and reaching KPIs becomes much harder. But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can opt for white code development services, let us work on the website, present the web solution to the client, and keep the credit. 

Try White Code Development 

We have a lot of experience working with marketing agencies. If there is a single thing we want you to take from this article, it is the significance of web development in marketing operations. 

It is much simpler to get results when you have a custom-built platform for your client’s business. Then, you may truly focus all your efforts on marketing optimization.

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