How to Increase the Life Expectancy of a Website

Building a website is easier than ever. All you need is to pay for hosting and get a free version of Elementor, and you are ready to go. The problem is whether or not you can keep the website working. And whether or not you can make the website profitable. Thus, you have to increase the life expectancy of a website. 

Now, that is a problem most people overlook when it comes to websites. The thing is that you have to create a website. But, it is another matter to keep it running and make it bring in the revenue. 

Of course, the disclaimer here is that you need proper marketing to pull that off. However, much of the effort depends on your ability to set a foundation for online business.  

Common Website Problems 

You can build a website for any niche or industry. And, there are even various business models you can employ for the website. Even with all those differences, There are common elements in websites with short life expectancies. 

The elements that all have in common are poor web structure, UX problems, and poor programming. That is the exact reason why your best bet for online success is to hire a web developer. 

Sure, there are a bunch of tools to launch a website. However, there are no guarantees that they can make your website work.  

Poor Website Structure 

People resort to free and cheap methods to save on the initial investment of starting a business. That is why they have to pay much more later down the road. You can notice a poor website by its structure. 

The structure of the website tells all about your online business. A proper website structure shows other developers and marketers your digital marketing preferences. Also, it can tell how savvy you are and the amount of money you put into the website. 

Finally, it says whether or not you have a professional backing up your online business. If a website has complicated use, bottlenecks, and dead ends, it has poor structure.  

Lack of Focus on User Experience 

That leads to another usual mistake, and that is a lack of focus on user experience. You can stuff a lot of methodology and theory in web development. And, you can take any point from that and make it the center point of a discussion. But a top-performing website has only one focus, and that is to help the user. 

New website owners focus on various things at once. That is why they almost always fail. While it may sound like an oversimplification, all you have to do is to help the user. 

You may have a noble notion of your website. In reality, users just want to solve a problem. And you are there to provide them with an efficient solution.  

Poor Programming 

The final reason why websites fail to do so is poor programming. Currently, we are in the era of no-code and low-code solutions. That means that you can bootstrap a website in a matter of minutes for less than 100$. 

But, the reason why that may not work is that affordable solutions lack efficient programming. When you buy a ready-made solution, you get the finished product. 

Sure, it may work. But it says nothing that it can stand complex user situations with that type of programming. That is detrimental to the success of the website.

How to Resolve Common Website Problems 

Luckily, custom development can help you to deal with these issues. And, it may be even better if you have a website to remodel. Of course, you can go and build another project and go through the process again. Yet, there are more efficient ways to deal with these issues.

Website Redesign 

The first issue you encounter with a website is web design. If a website has a poor look, users will bounce away in an instant. The advantage here is that you can create a new web design in a matter of days. 

For that, it is best to hire a web dev team with a showcase of previous work in web design. Then, you can see the web dev teams’ style and find something that matches your taste. However, leave a chance to hear their opinion and hear out their recommendations. 

The reason to do so is to get a chance to improve the user experience of the website.  

Reimagine the Way Users Interact with the Website

Getting a redesign is simple. For example, you can go on and purchase a paid theme and resolve that issue. However, a paid theme is not a guarantee of a superb user experience. Instead, it is something you need a custom developer to do. 

For example, a standard web design is a setup of blocks of colors and text. However, the moment a website becomes an online business is when you have to appropriate it for the users. 

That means that you think ahead about user problems are, and help them solve them. 

That may include anything from page speed optimization, adding pop-ups, buttons, forms, or removing items.  

Work on Code 

To do any of that, you want to work on code. Coding a website may be a complicated pursuit, at least if you want an excellent website. It is an effort that decides website speed, reduces errors, and helps total operations. 

The only problem when resolving those problems is that they take time and money. And, if you already have a website, that may mean further online business problems. Developing bespoke software or building a custom code website could solve much of these issues. 

How to Prevent Common Website Problems 

The best way to prevent all these issues is to plan when building a website. The issue here is to consider how to build a website to suit the needs of your users. When you plan for that, you can increase the life expectancy of your website.

Understand the Online Business Model 

The first thing you want to do is to understand the business model and move it online. Take e-commerce as an example. Let’s say that you have a physical store and now you want to sell to customers online. 

You have to create an online store. Depending on your industry, you may want to use SEO, PPC,m, or a combination of both. Depending on that, let the web development team create a web structure for your future website. 

Find the best way to import products and complete the store. Now, you have a proper website structure for an online store. But, before you go on and code the website, talk with the marketing team first.  

Work With the Marketing Team 

Now, this is the part of the work where you get it all together. The way to integrate excellent coding, user experience, and business model is to co-operate with a marketing team. 

Then, you can have excellent design, copy, and website programming together. Finally, you have an operational website that can solve all your problems. And, you have a digital channel you can expect to serve you for times to come. 

Increase the Life Expectancy of a Website 

Of course, you always need to update your website. However, it can make a world of difference when you have a proper foundation for your online business. 

Starting with a proper foundation takes you a bit closer to success. Ensure that you take the chance for success with better planning and web development. 

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