Rethinking Web Development Through Cooperation

As white code developers, we are firm believers in cooperation between marketers and web developers. However, the work we enjoy the most is the work that occurs between web developers. 

Together, we can work on projects of higher value and build more. But, that’s where the thinking of average developers interferes with their ability to prosper in business. 

Cooperation helps you to achieve more. It can become a huge opportunity to grow your business if you look at it from the right perspective.  

The Problem with Web Development Companies 

Web developers are systematic learners that keep up with trends and technologies to stay relevant. The usual problem for them is organizing the business and landing lucrative clients. But, creating a profitable web development company depends on your business model and structure. 

The common misconception about web development companies is that the size of the company shapes their clients. A small team that works with trending technologies may acquire clients with more value than a web development/web design company with 50 employees. 

With that in mind, the goal of any business is to increase profit. To do that, you need to land a client that allows you to garner more profit for a single job. While this may seem simple, it takes time, effort, and reputation to do so. 

That is the hurdle for most web development companies.  

Analyzing the Business Model 

The beauty of web development is that there are a ton of services you can sell. Once you bypass the differentiation between front-end and back-end development, there are various services to offer. 

Defining your core service is necessary but a problematic step for business development. Each technology and service you offer comes with its advantages and disadvantages. There are too many details to address in that situation. Instead, there are phases businesses need to overcome to grow. 

These problems are client acquisition, scaling the business, learning new technologies, and later client management. Each company is specific in its execution and organization. However, each business has to address these issues and deal with them. 

Creating partnerships with other web development companies can help you overcome those problems and grow your business.  Also, that opens up a possibility to custom development and even developing a bespoke software solution. 

Web Development and Cooperation 

Partnerships are one of the fastest ways to grow your business. For example, you may be a web developer that specializes in web apps. However, you may encounter problems selling the service to the clients. 

Then, you can partner up with a front-end developer to sell both front-end and back-end services. Your client base may change for that occasion, but you can approach worthier clients and work on better projects. 

While that may sound like an elementary example, it is the core of business growth. However you approach business growth and strategy, you need more revenue. With the influx of money, you can hire others, invest in technology and hardware, and improve operations. 

The average hurdle here is how to pivot in business depending on the stage you are on. Freelancers have their problems since they often rely on constant streams of projects to drive revenue. Another problem with freelancers is that there is a narrow scope of services they may provide to clients. 

Unlike freelancers, web development companies have more employees and can tackle more complex tasks. Even then, client acquisition remains the problem in the early stages of company growth. Once you have a portfolio and a reputation, getting a high-value client becomes a much easier thing to do. But, the real problem is coming to the point where you have both the portfolio and reputation. 

That is where partnerships and corporations work so well. To understand the concept, imagine having a school board in front of you. 

Write down your primary business goals and then your advantages and disadvantages. When you know what you lack, search for other developers to fill that gap, work with you, and garner higher profit. 

Now, it is time for conventional wisdom. Most web developers refrain from that since the issue of project ownership and profit share remains. 

Well, you can solve all those problems with white code development.  

How White Code Development Works 

White code development is a type of web development where you take projects from other companies and work on them without taking the credit. Deluminal is a white code development company, and we take projects from marketing agencies, startups, and web development companies as our core clients. 

Clients approach us with their projects, providing us with directions and ideas. Then, we proceed to develop the projects, deliver clean code, and test the web solutions. Once they review and approve the result, they use the web solutions without any obligation to us. 

Of course, we remain the support for their projects, and they can call us any time. We love to hear how they are doing and what’s happening with the website.  

When to Consider White Code Development 

White code development is a sure way to acquire clients, delegate tasks, and grow your business. Consider using white code development at any growth stage and for any business model you use. 

Whether you want to delegate a task or acquire a client, white code development works for you. And, the best thing is that you take the credit for the web solution. 

Thus, it can help you grow your business up to the point when you can do everything without help. Until then, give white code development a try.

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