Why website is an integral part of your MVP launch

Launching an MVP is a crucial moment for the growth of your start-up company. There are various ways to approach this matter. Regardless, you should have a website to support your MVP launch and promotion. 

While it sounds like common knowledge, there are things decision-makers may miss. For example, you can use a website to present the MVP, connect with users, and collect relevant data. 

For that, you need to plan your website to complement all operations related to your MVP launch. 

Ready for the Market

Let’s take a step back first. In our experience, start-ups face many challenges during the MVP launch process. It takes an outstanding effort to make the product ready for potential users. 

The trouble here is that each start-up has to decide when the product is ready for launch. The general rule is that you should launch when you have elementary functionalities set for your users. 

If you decide to launch the MVP, then you want to collect the data about the product. Data is the driving force behind future modifications and updates to your MVP. Setting analytics and data collecting is easier when you have a website. 

Aside from analytics and data, the website helps you connect with your users and increase demand for the product. 

Connecting with Users 

The problem with most start-ups is that they often spend less time working out their go-to-market strategy. 

Instead, they lack the notion of how their product presentation helps their marketing and sales efforts. A website puts you in the digital space where your potential users may find you. 

The elementary logic behind any business is that you need a digital presence. But, you have to consider your resources and marketing budget. Probably, you lack the funds to launch a broad campaign and acquire new users. Even if you can advertise your business, you need a website to solidify your offer and present the MVP. 

But, the trick here isn’t to just showcase your MVP. The trick is to create a specific user experience for your target audience. Aside from web design, you can add other relevant functionalities to help them use the website. 

It is much simpler to test the MVP when you have a whole testing platform to support your launch.  

Testing the MVP 

Testing the MVP is one of the crucial steps for business growth. Without testing, there is no way to know whether users like the product or not. 

During the testing phase, you learn how users interact with your MVP. While you have an initial idea for the product use, users may give you valuable insights that lead to future breakthroughs. You may uncover various problems and possible new functionalities for your website. 

With custom web development, you may integrate the MVP into the website. That works best for applications and digital products. For other products, you may find alternative ways to add the product to the website. 

Aside from testing capabilities, the website opens you up to the possibility of gathering valuable data for your start-up. 

Website as a Data-Collecting Asset 

In this phase of growth, collecting data is the most valuable feature of your website. Data shows you how users interact with your website and how they interact with the MVP. Along with testing, data gives you an insight into how your users understand the product. 

There are various analytics apps you can integrate into your website. Google Analytics is the most popular. However, other apps may track specific events like downloads, sign-ups, etc. The point is to get a custom report with data on relevant metrics for your product. 

You want to set analytics before the launch. After the launch, you may track the number of sign-ups. But, you should also track the growth and user retention in a span of a few months. That way, you can check the performance of your product. 

If you see that users won’t sign or they discontinue the product use, you need to work on your MVP. Later, you can reintroduce the product, collect the report and get new insights. During this phase, it should help you to determine how to build your business.

Testing Business Model 

The whole point of analytics and testing is to help you develop a business model for your start-up. Business isn’t an exact science. Once you launch the MVP, you can expect any result from the user’s interaction with the product. 

The final implication of the launch is how to define your business model. For example, you may have an idea of how to sell and market your product. Yet, without thorough testing, you lack feedback on what users like or want from your product. Depending on the feedback you can align the MVP and the business model. 

Start-ups often spend too much time on product development. While the product is the core of the business, you need data, drive brand awareness, and get the MVP to the world. The website is the bridge that connects your company and your users. 

After all, the whole point of the startup isn’t to develop products but to sell them. Countless teams try to enter the market every year. But, their business fails because they lack the knowledge and the ability to monetize the product. 

The website isn’t web design and copy to showcase how you want to disrupt the market. It is your asset for data collection, reporting tools, and a way to test your business.  

Developing a Custom Website 

Now, the reason why we insist on this type of use for websites is our experience in working with startups. Usually, startup owners come to us with an idea for web design and a description of their business idea. 

And sure, we design the website and set it up for our clients. But, we want to do more than that. We want to help you build your business. 

The crucial point of web development is to have a custom website. A custom website is a platform specifically for your business. We can develop everything from web design, shops, functionalities, and even web apps. Once you test everything, you may even develop bespoke software for your website.

Build a Website 

Growing a start-up company comes with many challenges. Sometimes, it may take years before you manage to grow your company. 

The secure way to speed up the process is to rely on a systematic approach. Using data and optimizing user experience grants you insights to make significant improvements with each product modification.

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