What can you build with WordPress?

Tech is a tool that makes anything possible, and the same goes for WordPress. You can build various websites and manage your online presence with them.

The trick is to know what you want to build. Of course, you can always let us help you develop the best website for you.

So, dive in and find out what type of websites you can build with WordPress!

Presentation Website

Presentation websites are the websites you see most often online. These websites are static. In that sense, there’s almost no interaction with them. They may include a contact form to send an email, and that’s about it.

The primary reason people build them is to have any digital presence at all. When owners decide on a presentation website, it usually means that they lack resources, either in money or digital expertise.

Indeed, presentation websites lack the potential to bring in leads or sales since they are too simple for marketing implementation. Though, they can be ideal if you have a brick-and-mortar business developed and don’t need support from online channels.


  • Affordable

  • Less time necessary for the development

  • It gives you an essential digital presence


  • Lacks marketing support

  • Lacks long-term potential

  • Lacks trending features

Community Website

A community website refers to a website that allows users to log in to the website and interact with each other. In the previous eras, a community website would be something like a forum, but that is outdated.

Today, a community website may be a website with specific access for paying members to interact with website owners or each other. The community part of the website refers to the exclusivity you get from spending a participation fee.

Community websites are perfect for coaches, clubs, and other professionals who want to offer their users education or specific perks. Give your users special treatment.


  • Users can find you and get access globally

  • Reach and engage countless users

  • Put your offer and content online and make it more accessible


  • These websites require extra maintenance

  • It’s necessary to invest more in security

  • It’s essential to deal with users daily

E-Commerce Website

E-commerce websites are webshops or any other website you can go to and purchase products. You can sell both physical and digital products and build an e-commerce shop around a specific business model like dropshipping.

The WordPress CMS makes the website simple and accessible to the owners. Also, you can build stores of any kind you want and add specific discounts. All that is left is to add products and finish the website, and you can use it.

E-commerce websites can take some time to set up and properly operate. But, once you do it, it will become the powerhouse of your business.


  • Build an actual online business

  • Develop any business model

  • Add as many products as you want


  • Requires actual business knowledge

  • Requires business logistics

  • Requires constant maintenance

App-Based Website

App-based websites refer to websites that have primary use of providing an app-based function. You come to know these as B2B websites or SaaS websites. However, their real purpose is to provide a specific service through the app based on the website.

Owners build these websites to solve a specific problem for their customers. So, they want to store all logistics, functions, and data on the website. The problem with these websites is that they require business and industry knowledge and the development idea so you can build them.

Overall, they are powerhouse websites but also the most complex to build. But, if you manage to do that, you can experience true success with your website.


  • High-earning potential

  • Long-term use

  • Immediate proof of concept


  • Requires business logistics and business model

  • Requires development concept and idea

  • Requires proof of work

Marketing-Centric Websites

Finally, there are marketing-centric websites. Unlike other websites on this list, these websites are more oriented towards a specific marketing strategy than anything else. These websites heavily rely on digital marketing strategies to reach and convert their target audience.

For example, you have a service or a product that you want your users to learn about and buy. Then, you can invest in SEO, PPC, or content marketing and use the website to educate the users about your solution.

Overall, it’s a perfect website to build if you have a marketing team or a marketing-savvy owner. And if you plan to do this strategy long-term.


  • Business-relevant

  • High-performing

  • Measurable performance


  • Requires business knowledge

  • Requires marketing strategy

  • Requires execution

Develop in WordPress

As you can see, you can build a lot with WordPress. Everything is possible to make if you know what you want to develop.

Think of your business first and imagine what kind of website could help you improve it. Go and build that.

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