When Does Your Website Needs Technical Optimization

Delivering outstanding web development services is the oversaturation of buzzwords and tech jargon. Every website owner and marketing manager knows these words, but not many know what they mean in practice. And that’s what technical optimization is all about.

Technical optimization is improving the website in its function and business capacities. An elementary example of tech optimization is fixing a website for page speed issues. Yet, there’s even more to it.

Marketing-oriented Tech Optimization

There are two standard ways for technical optimization: marketing-oriented optimization and business-oriented optimization. Both optimization approaches help you solve web-related problems that affect the website’s performance.

For marketing-oriented tech optimization, it’s essential to know-how, what and when to fix specific issues. Here, the web developer’s job is to identify the problems related to the primary marketing strategy.

There’s no need to do anything extra. These issues may be complex or require simple fixes. Either way, you can avoid fixing everything on the website. Instead, support the marketers and their efforts to enhance the website performance.


When you optimize websites for SEO, focus on:

• Code
• Site architecture
• Mobile-first design
• Content design
• Web Page architecture
• Page speed
• Links

Essentially, you want to work on the site architecture, remove low-value pages and broken links, and work the page structure. The code is equally valuable, but it encompasses all other efforts since you must code the website to fix the issues.

Depending on the state of the website and previous work, the process may be lengthy and thorough. It’s much easier to work on these issues if the marketing and the development team leave previous documentation.

If not, you have to examine the website and identify each issue. The upside for the developer is that these websites require their constant attention.


When you optimize a website for PPC, focus on:

• Landing page structure
• Landing page optimization for mobile
• Overall website structure

Working with sites that rely on PPC is more accessible than technical SEO optimization. The tricky thing here is optimizing a website with numerous pages since each requires attention.

Most of the time, you have several landing pages to optimize, and that’s not too much work since you have a few pages to fix. Since these are landing pages, they require less work and less attention.

There are formulas you can follow to fix them. Then again, if you work with an e-commerce store, you have to invest much more time and resources to fix potential issues.

Specific marketing strategy

When you optimize for specific marketing strategy focus on:

• Aiding the core strategy through web development
• Access website-specific strategy issues
• Work on UX and solving core website issues

A specific marketing strategy is a sign of a well-developed marketing team. Instead of pursuing a general methodology, these themes have a cut-out way to use a website for marketing purposes.

The best way to support them is to get as much information about the website as you can. Please focus on the issues they find they have the most problems with and keep them.

Business-orientated Tech Optimization

Inexperience, not all online businesses focus on SEO or PPC or digital marketing in general. These are favorable, but some companies have been online for 5, 10, or 20 years and manage to work that way. That doesn’t mean that each online business should do that, and it’s just the way it is.

Still, you can help them fix various issues and improve their online business. Here, the two primary issues to address are e-commerce and app-based issues.


When you optimize for e-commerce, focus on:

• Primary e-commerce mechanism (cart, payment processing, shipments)
• Product pages
• Page speed
• Loading time
• User experience
• Navigation
• Broken links

The core fix for e-commerce websites is to keep everything functional. For example, if you are a non-US-based business, payment processing may be an issue. It may come from the client and business sides, and you have to fix that to make the e-commerce store operable.

Then again, there are other issues with navigation and UX. If anything else works, the store may experience cart abandonment. It’s a common problem where users fail to complete the purchase.

And, it’s an issue related to user experience, navigation, and overall website experience. So, there are numerous issues to address here.

App-based solution

When you optimize an app-based website, focus on:

• Code
• Debugging
• Client-side of the application
• Server-side of the application
• UI and UX
• App performance

An app-based solution refers to a website that offers a specific service you can purchase and use. An example of such a business would be a SaaS business. Still, it can include other types of companies as well.

Most web development agencies offer app-based solutions either as custom code websites or bespoke software. There’s difference between the two, so consult with your agency before settling for any of them.

These websites may require additional support depending on the team behind the website. And this is where you need stellar web development skills. Out of all types of tech optimization, this is the most challenging and lucrative.


Every website you visit is a website that could use technical optimization. If you are serious about online business, you should do it too.

That’s the only way to keep your website updated and ready for the users. While it’s an additional investment, it’s the only way to keep your users happy and business running.

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