Why Custom Web Development is Worth Your Time and Money

Custom development is the best way to monetize a website or build an online business. While it is the most expensive form of development, it increases your chances of business success. It all comes to improving the life expectancy of your website.

That should be the goal of any online business owner. Custom web development allows you to transition your business model online.

At least, that is our experience here at Deluminal. We’ve seen it all and find this the best way to run an online business.

Why Most Websites Fail

For starters, take a step back from web development. In the digital era, everyone feels like they understand complex web technologies. While that is rarely the case, it overshadows the whole purpose of having a website.

Online business has the word business in it for a specific reason. And that reason is to use the online platforms, in this case, a website, to get profits. Website is an asset, a digital store, with that exact purpose.

While business owners may have various opinions, the truth is simple. Without revenue, an online business is a non-effective website and a failed investment. Most websites fail because there is no business logic behind them. While they may have a pretty design, they can’t help the owner achieve business goals.

Thus, the whole reason for development is to turn a website into a business asset. For that, cheap hosting and a 60$ paid theme aren’t enough. You want to custom-develop the website.

Website as a Business Asset

The purpose of a website is to help users buy products or services. With custom development, you can engineer this process for the users.

Thus, custom development delivers that kind of website. It helps you to create everything custom for your website. That is something you can’t get any other way. Unless you, that is, if you are a web developer or designer.

There is one more thing to consider. And that is how people view and interact with your website. Most people think of the website through the look of it. However, users want speed, security, and stability.

Getting all these aspects together is the primary reason to pay for custom web development. The same applies whether you operate a small shop or an e-commerce operation.

However, the final reason to use custom development is to transition your business model online.

Transition to Online Business

There are two main reasons to start an online business. The first is that you have a brick-and-mortar business, and now you want to have a new sales channel. The other reason is that you want to try e-commerce. It may be affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or another business model.

In both cases, you have to engineer the way users interact with the website. To do that, you want to think of this process as consisting of two segments. The first segment is building sales mechanics into the website. For example, that may be a functioning online store or something more complex like a dropshipping operation.

Then, you have to work on the second segment. And that is how you engineer the user experience. Or how you want to develop the buyer’s journey. Later on, you can add any graphics, illustration, or design to the website. Often, that falls under the preference of the website owner.

However, without the technical aspect of the website or buyer’s journey, you reduce the chance of success.

Custom Development

Now, it is time to look at what custom development may offer you. Many agencies sell custom development. Yet, before you use any service, back up your decision with more information.

There are three key areas to look for in custom development. If an agency offers all three, you know you are getting top-notch tailored software solution.

Technical Setup

The first thing you need is a functioning website. That includes more than basic operating functions. You want clean code, page speed optimization, and functioning apps and features. Of course, the website must be responsive.

If you have any other apps or site-specific functions, they have to be bug-free and usable. Overall, you want a website that works without fault on all devices, regardless of its functions.

That is the bare minimum of the custom development, and any development for that matter.

Marketing Assistance

Then, you want to move to market assistance. Also, this is the moment when custom development truly outperforms any other kind of web development.

The reason most websites fail is the lack of compatibility with digital marketing strategies. For example, you may use a theme that offers no structure or support for both SEO or PPC strategies. Then, you can’t utilize these strategies to bring in new users to the website.

That reduces your chances of monetizing the website a lot. Custom development solves that by consulting digital marketers and offering solutions to help your online business.

Web Design

Finally, you have to get it all together into a single package. That means you need a web design that looks amazing but is also user-friendly.

Many rookie web designers want to overemphasize the look of the website. However, the trick is to combine the look but accommodate it to the needs of the user. That is how you get a winning website.

When you put all these aspects together, you have a website users enjoy using. Also, you can apply a digital marketing strategy to promote it and have a functioning online business. That is the power of custom development.

Try Custom Development

When you want to build a website, think about the initial investment. If you want to cut costs early on, you have to pay more over time.

However, if you invest upfront, then you can save later when it is time to get profits from the website. Always think long-term when investing in any business asset.

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